Southern California Desert Video Astronomers

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Star Jam Beta 2010 

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There are times when matter and energy express themselves intelligently. Sometimes , even intellectually. Then there are special times when the expression can only be described as a moment in time that will be remembered forever!

  Donna, John  Dobson & Tom

That's what happed at our Star Jam 1 event on October 2nd this year.  With the stars of the show and the stars in the sky, we had some terrific guests attending an evening of entertaining adventure and relaxation. The talented musicians, Hurricane David, and Clive Wright brought sounds of delight and David Jesse McChesney wowed us with the amazing images from his "CanyonLands" photographic presentation. Then, our guest of honor, John Dobson, joined the crowd in the early evening discussion about subjects of interest that can only be elaborated upon by someone with 95 years of experience behind them. That's right, at 95 years of age, John Dobson is out and sharing his knowledge and insight with all who are interested.

Rebecca Unger Interviewing John for the Hi-Desert Star news paper

John is known as an Icon in amateur astronomy and is the father of both the Dobsonian telescope and the activity called "sidewalk astronomy". His telescope design is now a standard that is found in the construction of some of the world's largest telescopes and the sidewalk astronomy outreach effort he started is now a world wide occurrence. People with telescopes setting up on street corners around the world to share the power of technology with those who wouldn't have the opportunity to see the depths of the night sky, otherwise. John has changed the world and continues to bring enlightenment to all who take time to listen. His experience is dated, yet timely. The concepts he has are controversial and his dedication is stirring. There is nothing but afterthought left with those he encounters.

John takes questions from the crowd

It was a true delight to have John, David and Clive join in with us for this wonderful evening in Joshua Tree! The backdrop is the best and only JT can make it so! Clive created music that was star driven and met the images we were making with mood and harmony.  David helped emcee the event and put a flare on the show that hinted of professionalism.  The "Team SCDVA" group held the line and provided a force of support that keeps the walls from falling and it was a nice time that we hope will set the pace for what's next.

Thanks goes out to all who came and joined in with us and to those who continue to support our effort. Sincerely, we say thank you!

David Jesse McChesney setting up

Clive Wright making sense out of a bunch of wires & plugs

Eagle eye David spots a flock of buzzards riding the thermals over
Joshua Tree National Park

"Hurricane David" on the harp

Click here to see the Amazing Nature Photography of
David Jesse McChesney


Clive playing as live deep space celestial images rotate on the screens

Clive's music video plays on the left as live images appear on the right


John Dobson the Father of the Dobsonian
chats it up,
while Cliff listens in.

Maria & John deep in conversation

The crowd looks on as our sky guru Rick tours the sky with his laser pointer


                                                                           Photos by Debbie O'Key & Valeree Woodard


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