Southern California Desert Video Astronomers

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Odds and Ends

                                                                photos by LJH

CDVA continues to add to it's arsenal of deep sky capability!
The latest news in telescopes for us is the introduction of our new and very capable "Hyperstar 14".

We have now added the latest technology in very fast wide field imaging equipment! The Hyperstar 14 has at it's heart a Celestron 14 Schmitt Cassegrain Telescope that utilizes a Starizona Hyperstar imagining system. Connected to our cameras and video system we can now show super wide field live images of deep space with unprecedented resolution and color.


Leonard Holmberg has created his latest dream scope setup with his motorized astronomy pier the "Star Cart"! Check out the movie clip to and get a load of the inventive stuff coming from one of our most inventive members!

Mobile Astronomy Pier, setup in 5 minutes. All self contained mobile telescope quad pod. iPod astronomy app with camera control, twin touchscreen computers.
UPS, gel cells, cpc1100 and much more.

                                                                                      Built by Tom O'Key and LJH


"The City Dark" Coming to theaters near you soon!
Or, should we say,
"To the Joshua Tree Astronomy Arts Theater"

That's right! We have purchased the rights to show this famous movie about the meaning of keeping our night skies dark and the value that is found in seeing a brilliant Milky Way! We will be announcing the grand premier screening soon!