Southern California Desert Video Astronomers

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JTAAT Art Collection


Illustrating The Stories From The Southern California Desert Video Astronomers
The Establishment of The Collection.

Ken Keller's UFO lands at JTAAT 

When one looks up into the night sky, the many mysteries of our existence can easily be imagined. From simple sighs of inspiration, to deep contemplation in self examination, we wonder. We do what is natural for the intelligent beings we are.  We question everything. 


"Gather Around the Fire"
 Daniela Bellissimo

 In posting the information about the wonderful painting entitled "Gathering around the fire" by Daniela Bellissimo, I could feel the tranquility that the desert shares with us.  I could imagine being at a place where a calm night around a campfire, sitting with friends, and the charm that only the desert brings. The peace and serenity of a moment in time where the energy of the Joshua Trees provides visions of oneness with the world. A place for us in the Cosmos!

I was inspired to put words to print and offer the following poem.....


Can you hear it? That soft and gentle sound,
a whispering voice and beckon to turn and see...
heard by those who know, and those who've found,
The desert's song......  it sings to me.

Through harsh and fierce clambers ring,
the desert calls to me,
and tells a story, though heard by few,
o' how our lives should be.

Tis time flies by, so quickly by
no time to hear? no chance to see?
The desert's song will pass you by,
no peace for you shall be.

A quiet peace and joy is found,
the desert sings for thee,
a hopeful sound, a whispering sound,
it sings for you, and it sings for me.


There are so many new entries into the journal of knowledge about our world, current levels of required understanding are truly, overwhelming.  From the depths of science in knowing the present state of Quantum relationships and revelations, to the spiritual nature of life, itself, we interrogate our reasoning.  A meandering truth that logically unwinds with continuous astonishment.  There seems to be no end to our need to question everything.  The real questions may, though asked repeatedly, remain unanswered.  Will it turn out that the answers are,  "Not for us to know"!

Given this thought, acceptance of our untested abide is an understandable default.  Perhaps knowing what to accept is so difficult that the default in accepting popular ideas is the easiest choice?  Challenging popular ideas can be overwhelming and would require answers we might not know.  Who then, do we believe?  Trust in words from who?  Faith in concert with trust of what?  Can it, honestly, be a guided journey down a path  to enlightenment?..........  The right path, bringing us to a place where comfort and repose allow us the freedom to be genuinely happy?  Maybe the default position becomes the best choice, regardless of the words and the beliefs?  Sheep following a trusted goat, or intelligent beings following science and  knowledge, none may know the answers. Perhaps knowing, only, the edges of the path......

"Rings of Saturn"
Christy Lee Somers

In looking back, the past seems like a cloudy dream of poorly preserved memories. As result, reliance on our reasoning sorts out clues about what we see, and establishes a system of values we can agree upon.  A foundation is formed for today becoming tomorrow and the next day, and so on. As such, genius is revealed through this system of values. Revealing and exposing understandings about ourselves.  Thus, connecting us to each other with feelings that reflect our true nature as intelligent beings.  From the wonderment in seeing the crimson glow of a hummingbird's gleam, to the dynamics of how it darts through the air, we question everything.

With this thought, we can ask, "are there ways that we can peer inside the unanswerable"?  Looking to simple points of default, will it allow us to take in the meaning of it all?  Choosing this reasoning, we need to consider our connection to natural expressions that demonstrate some of the mysterious gifts of life we have.  We must include the wonder and blessings of "ART".

As the pilgrimage of our group trodes along, some of the stories we might tell will rely on these ideas.  At times, the stories might be best represented and expressed by art.  It is with this concept that we are establishing a collection of "art" at our astronomy venue.  A collection that is included for the purpose of highlighting the creative side of intelligence as related to the academic. A visually dynamic side of an artistic interpretation!

This is not our idea, nor is it a new idea.  Art has been included in every aspect of every human endeavor since caves harbored safe havens for our ancestors.  We acknowledge this requirement, just as they did, and give it due respect to the ends of providing
some level of "default" in not knowing "all, of the answers".


As our first entry, we offer a piece that represents the beginning of our art collection.  It was published, here, on our web site, shortly after the horrible disaster that fell upon our fellow Nation of Japan. The painting entitled, "Elpis" was chosen to express our feelings of grief shared with the people of Japan. Elpis is known for being the Greek mythological goddess of "Hope".  She was the only one of the deities to remain in the "jar" that Zeus entrusted to Pandora. When Pandora faltered, and opened the jar, demons and other trapped gods were released upon mankind, Elpis hid near the lip of the jar and remained behind to comfort and give hope and compassion to mankind.

To find the appropriate image of "Elpis", an internet search brought many pictures forward for consideration. The one we chose represents the feeling we wished to share with everyone. This image was painted by Chilean artist, Claudia Olivos. She is a brilliant young artist living in Virginia.

With Claudia's permission, we were pleased to publish her "ELPIS" and wish to express our sincere gratitude.  The painting is now in our permanent collection and is available for viewing at our astronomy site in Joshua Tree, CA.

Claudia Olivos
Originates from Chile (b. USA). She holds an MFA from Vermont College, a BA in Psychology, and a BFA in painting from George Mason University.

he founder, and one time owner of a gallery in Washington D.C., Olivos currently exhibits widely nationally and internationally. She has beeen included in the 2003-06 Editions of Marquis's Who's Who of American Women, Who's Who of American Artist (2006-07)

Her web site can be visited at: