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GLOBE at Night Dates:

The GLOBE at Night Campaigns are here and there's something new to look forward to this year. During the GLOBE at Night campaigns don't just collect sporadic data of light pollution. Gather information that is useful for the whole community! Organize friends, family, and anyone who wants to participate

Globe at Night 2016
For 2016 we are collecting your observations during all 12 months of the year! See the dates below and plan to get involved.

January: 1/1-1/10
February: 2/1-2/10
March: 3/1-3/10
April: 3/30-4/8
May: 4/29-5/8
June: 5/29-6/7
July: 6/27-7/6
August: 7/28-8/6
September: 8/25-9/3
October: 10/21 - 10/31
November: 11/20-11/30
December : 12/20-12/30


One of the areas continuing to add to the wider scope of SCDVA involvement is the work we do to make our night sky darker.


There has been a movement going on. Creaking and groaning in the background and not just in our neighborhood, either. Around the world and all around our country, dark sky awareness has been clambering for attention.  In our area, the counties of Riverside, Kern, and San Bernardino have been submitting new legislation aimed at updating and improving ordinances related to night lighting and light trespass.

We, at SCDVA, are very proud to say that the effort is working! Great strides have made firm footholds in how people are looking up at the Milky Way in a new and positive way.  The understanding of what is good about these thoughts is getting a long awaited push forward that amateur astronomers hope for. Unknowingly, the general well being of society is winning, as well.

For us, personally, the San Bernardino County night sky ordinance is under construction.  There have been regular meetings as the effort establishes a well thought out initiative. Kern County, and more recently, Riverside County, have been busy as well. With the aid of the International Dark Sky Association, these counties have new legislation, underway.

So, with this, we are pleased to provide the following links to some of the latest sources of information that will add insight into the work that is going on.

1. Here is information that is contained on “Cloudy Nights” website. This international group is composed of amateur astronomy enthusiasts has many other resources, as well…

Cloudy Nights Board - Pollution

2. For info about the Kern County effort, go to…..

3. The Riverside County ordinance is very good in dealing with several difficult issues including how to amortize the old lighting and replace it with compliant lighting…..

4. Here is a short article about Riverside’s effort and IDA involvement.

5.  For info on dark skies and the international group working on the effort go to . . . .

We as SCDVA, continue to provide astronomy outreach activities aimed at education and support of a healthy and natural dark sky. Please join us and make the future better for the Earth and our natural environment.