Southern California Desert Video Astronomers

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About Us

Who are we?
Our small group shares the common interest in amateur astronomy that uses high tech video cameras to observe the night sky. Sometimes called electronically assisted observing, we use highly sensitive cameras designed to capture images of deep sky objects in almost real time conditions.

Unlike the long exposure imaging methods, extremely sensitive video cameras are capable of rendering wonderful color images that before were impossible to create. Then we use high definition projectors to produce a show that allows the observers to sit in a chair and relax while we jump across the night sky putting up pictures that many say are "Hubble like"!
Our goals are to share this great technology with everyone with the hope that a deeper appreciation for our wonderful world and the chance we have been given to understand it. 

We support dark sky issues and work for the preservation of our natural environment. The Universe is so large that it is almost impossible to imagine. We use our astro tools to bring the Universe to the viewer unlike ever seen before! The real time feeling is what makes the technology special and we can show many dozens of objects in a single night of observing!

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Live projected Screen Image

Live projected Screen Image